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Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tours

Are you hungry to discover new tastes, savory new restaurants tucked down back alleys, and other seriously delicious food finds that celebrate the food and wine lifestyle of San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and the entire Central Coast? Central Coast Food Tours is your place to start! We know the food of San Luis Obispo, the artisans behind the creative and eclectic stylings, and the fascinating stories of how geography, climate, pioneer families, family farms, and now world-class chefs have converged to bring food and wine lovers the freshest fruits & vegetables, organic and sustainably produced meats and aquaculture available anywhere!
Just approaching our 3rd anniversary as Central Coast Food Tours, we have a good idea of what the sophisticated and discriminating palate yearns for. It's a rarity that enjoyment of wine can be entirely divorced from great food. Consider the enjoyment of fine wines similar to the dynamic of "Bogie and Bacall": individual wines and food items only reveal their perfection when paired with an equally worthy companion. Join us on your private Central Coast Food & Wine Tour to discover the wonders of our Central Coast Wines.
An Adventure Tour with Central Coast Food Tours means one thing: FUN! Our Adventure Tours are a wonderful way to explore the area with handpicked activities that get you up close and personal with the remarkable people and otherworldly places calling for your discovery. Our Adventure Tours carry on our tradition of exploring the areas culinary and wine treasures while now, also adventuring into the sea and high into the sky.
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  • Sept 2013

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    Whether it is Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara Wine Country, we want to customize a tour just for you.

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