• Wine Tasting

    Wonderfully tasty food stops

  • Wine Tasting

    A culinary tour like no other

  • Local Produce

    An insider’s perspective to the local area

  • Local Restaurants

    5 - 6 tasting stops with plenty of food

Central Coast Adventure Tours

There's just so much to do here on the Central Coast… and if we can find a way to pair it with food and wine, well hey we’re ready! Our adventure tours usually begin as “custom tours” we’ve designed for a special guest. When we think we have something really special that many people would enjoy, we promote it as an “Adventure Tour.” Enjoy our two adventure tours knowing that they are tried and tested winners – or call us to design your own adventure tour.

Our Adventure Tours bring together three of our favorite things:

  • The area’s amazing natural beauty
  • The local bounty served up in a catered gourmet lunch or dinner
  • Our lust for FUN!

What makes our adventure tours special... The food, of course!