A Food Tour for graduation is a wonderful way to celebrate the 

graduate! It’s always hard to find and activity that keep the celebrating group together and enjoying one another’s company after the diploma is bestowed. Consider a Food Tour for graduation! 

We can accommodate most size family groups with enough notice and are happy to customize the tour to your group. Consider a private tour for your family through the downtown streets of San Luis Obispo, or do a food and wine tour in the downtown district of Paso Robles.

These tours are favorites with locals and visitors alike. We’ve got everything from Organic hand-make super rich chocolates and milkshakes, to fine Italian cuisine, authentic Santa Maria BBQ, and everything in between! This tour is more than enough food to take care of your lunch or an early dinner. A Food Tour for graduation is a great way to share the delicious food of downtown, before you send your child into the big wide world to start their adult life.

Please call Laura at 805.400.9054 to see if we can schedule a food tour to celebrate your grad!

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