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Burbank Ranch Tasting room

Burbank Ranch Tasting Room

Always on the lookout for new additions to Paso Robles food and wines, our Paso Robles food and wine tour ventured into Burbank Ranch Winery and Bistro for a tasting.

I asked my tour group if they would mind serving as ‘testers’ to consider Burbank Ranch’s offering as a stop on our Paso Robles Food & Wine Tour. Happily, all were up for the adventure.

Austin Miller, the tasting room manager rolled out the red carpet to welcome our guests. He greeted us warmly and invited Head Chef, Mikey Toler to our table. Chef Mikey brought out platters of cheeses, charcuterie, olive oil and other delicious accoutrements for us to taste …and feast upon.

Austin paired the cheeses/meats with the wines we tasted for an especially great introduction to Paso Robles food and wines. Our guests were “wowed” with the delicious food and enjoyed learning and experiencing how a wonderfully paired wine can enhance both the food and the wine.

Enjoying Food and Wine at Burbank Ranch

Enjoying Food and Wine at Burbank Ranch

Our guests were having so much fun trying all the different food and wines that it was a bit of a push to get the group moving once again. Yet, through word and deed my questions were answered: Did they enjoy Burbank Ranch’s food and wine offering? The group gave me a resounding, “YES!” … and would they return again… “Yes!”

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San Luis Obispo Food

Anyone out there looking for some amazing San Luis Obispo Food? Well, just this year a little fromagerie was opened by Sophie.

Fromagerie Sophie logo

Fromagerie Sophie

Not un-coincidentally the name of this little gem is “Fromagerie Sophie.”  Inside you’ll find all sorts of cheeses from around the world, as well as a few meats and a bevy of appropriate accoutrements. Stepping into the quaint store feels much like I’ve stepped into a whole different world – I’m back in Paris, enjoying my favorite cheeses!

Sophie’s fromagerie is a huge addition to the San Luis Obispo food scene; It’s our first cheese shop in town. With our farmers’ markets, our wonderful bread bakeries and our delicious wines you’ve got to wonder why it’s taken so long! Well, cheese lovers out there can rejoice as Sophie has filled a much needed void in our delicious downtown.

The fromagerie is located at 1129 Garden Street, right off of Higuera in the historic downtown area of San Luis Obispo. Be sure to stop in and say “Hi” to Sophie and enjoy her cheese. There is even a small patio to linger over your cheese with a beverage. You can also reach Sophie at 805.503.0805.


Paso Robles Wines

Who hasn’t discovered Paso Robles wines? Many of you I fear! Perhaps you didn’t know that Paso Robles was named the “Wine Region of the Year”  in 2014 by Wine Enthusiast magazine.While we all tend to be swayed by the “experts” opinions, best yet is to taste these luscious Paso Robles wines yourself.

empty wineglass

The climate in Paso Robles can get quite warm, not unusually into 100 degree temperatures with night time swings down into the 50’s. That’s a 50 degree swing in temperature! This phenomenon plus the amazing earth of Paso Robles can be credited as the foundation for our lovely wines. Let’s not forget our winemakers, but hey when you’ve got great stuff to start with it’s hard to go wrong.

Red wines excel in Paso Robles – so all you red wine lovers plan a trip to Paso Robles and get ready to enjoy our amazing Paso Robles wines!


Calling all food and wine lovers out there: September 25th – 28th, 2014 “Sunset Savor the Central Coast” rolls out the red carpet for 4 days of hedonistic delights.

You’ll find everything Sunset Savor the Central Coastfrom the “Western Wine Awards” , gala dinners at Hearst Castle, up close and personal adventure tours, to all the food and wine tasting you’ll ever want (and cooking demonstrations) at the Main Event, hosted at the historic Santa Margarita Ranch. This is the fourth year of “Sunset Savor the Central Coast”, and each year is better than the previous. Check out their website to order your tickets, and find more specific information on each day’s activities.


I don’t often write about our Paso Robles food and wine tour, but we’ve been having such a great summer and meeting so many wonderful new friends that… well, I wanted to share.

Guests on Paso Robles food and wine tour

Guests on Paso Robles food and wine tour

We’ve changed the days we offer our Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo tours so as not to overlap tours. The Paso Robles food and wine tour operates 4 days a week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. Occasionally we get the call to open the tour on a Tuesday or Wednesday which we’ll often do if you have a group of 4 or more.

Our tour is structured along the lines of a progressive lunch. We meet at Thomas Hill Organics for an ultra-fresh and seasonal salad paired with a glass of wine. From there we head over to the Paso Robles Inn for a luscious prime rib sandwich, paired with a local cabernet sauvignon. Next up: Estrella restaurant wins this position with a generous presentation of Tapas and their freshly made sangria. We leave Estrella to saunter over to Parrish Family wines where guests are treated to some of the most tasty cabs on the central coast. Finally we end our tour at Panolivo where guests select their own French pastry. As you can see, there is plenty of food, lots of wine, and ultimately a great time to be had by all.

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Logo for North County Farmers MarketsTempleton Farmers Market is THE market to visit for fresh goods in San Luis Obispo North County. For us, it’s a weekly ritual; every Saturday morning Yule and I head off to the Templeton Farmers Market to do our shopping for the week. Not only will you find the seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, but also local olive oils, honey, locally raised all natural meats, baked goods and of course, flowers!

The market operates from 9 am to 12:30 pm in Templeton’s town park, located at 6th and Crocker. The vendors line the streets surrounding the park, leaving the park available for children’s play and picnics.

If you’re looking for something fun to do on a Saturday, and in the market for some fresh veggies and fruits, consider a stop at Templeton’s Farmers Market.

What is not to love about Central Coast food and wine?

lady enjoying wine

lady enjoying wine

Summer is in full tilt and the area is blooming with food and wine events. This weekend, June 20-22, ushers in the “Roll out the Barrels” festival in San Luis Obispo. This is a fun event with two days of food and wine to satisfy even the hardened ‘taster.’

Villa San Juliette is introducing a new chef at the tasting room, and kicking off the festivities with helicopter rides over the vineyards this Saturday afternoon. VSJ is hidden away up in the hills of San Miguel. The magnificent gardens, lovely wines and friendly staff make this one of our new favorites.

Next weekend, June 28, 2014 brings us the Atascadero Lakeside Wine Festival – now in its 19th year! Where has the time gone – I remember when this festival first started! This festival is located lakeside at the Atascadero Lake Park. The event runs from 4p.m. – 8p.m. on Saturday, June 28th. For more information contact the Atascadero Chamber or click here for tickets.

Thank-You for this wonderful review of our San Luis Obispo food tour.
It’s always great to hear back from our new friends who have taken our food or wine tours.

Food Tour in San Luis Obispo

Food Tour in San Luis Obispo

Here’s a recent review from a tour Yule did in SLO… and “Yes” he does love giving his tour and meeting all sorts of fascinating people….

Thanks for all your feed-back and making us the #1 Tour in San Luis Obispo!

“Great Tour!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed June 17, 2014NEW
Our guide was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. It seems like he truly enjoys doing the tour. The restaurants he has chosen are phenomenal.

Thanks for the great feed-back!

The Atascadero Wine Festival is scheduled for the weekend of June 28, 2014.

Atascadero Wine Festival

Atascadero Wine Festival

Anybody been to this festival? Despite being a ‘local’ and resident of Atascadero I have yet to attend – though with all the ‘buzz’ on this event, I’m planning to attend this year.

Imagine.. they have over 80 wineries participating, a bevy of chefs creating all sorts of culinary wonders, as well as the required live music and art.

I do have to say that the setting for this event is lovely – sited at the Atascadero Lake Park. And those of you with younger ones might find this a great event to frequent in that the Lake Park is also host to the Atascadero Zoo. Bring friends, and kids and folks can take turns enjoying the wines, then visiting the zoo animals! There is room galore for setting up your own picnic space, and a great playground for the kids.

The Lake Park is located off HWY 41 West on the left side of the road, about 1 mile from hwy 101. The address for your GPS is 9305 Pismo St. Atascadero, Ca. 93422

If you haven’t ventured into Atascadero (the Southern step-sister to Paso Robles) this might be your “to-do” event. For more information contact the organizers at:

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I love this weight watchers wine country dinner!

wine country dinner

wine country dinner

It’s hard to imagine we can have a lovely dinner that will even lure our “weight watchers” friends to the table… but alas, it is so! (As a side note, I’m on my “weight watchers” game plan so am happy to share my recipes.)

How about a BBQ Shrimp to take the heat off the rather warm summer nights?

I call this dish “Del Rio Shrimp” since we created it at my mom’s condo at Villa Del Rio.

I had just picked up our organic veggie basket from Kiler Canyon Farm. It was filled with all the seasonal veggies such as beets, cabbage, kale, thyme, beautiful baby radishes, baby yellow and green zucchini, as well as cucumbers.
Step 1:

Purchase your lovely shrimp in the raw. It’s o.k. they have not been cooked. I suggest 1 lb.
If prior frozen, please defrost.
Select some hearty greens (and perhaps flavorful fruit) you will BBQ the Shrimp with.
This is the best part of imparting your personal tastes and creativity on this dish!
I want you to collect a nice sturdy bed (upon which the shrimp will retreat and cook) of flavorful greens, or perhaps even fruits, nut shells, etc. Imagine this: you are creating a small cocoon for these little shrimp to cook and absorb the flavors of it’s bedding. That’s why I say have fun with this, as you can impart everything from a coconut husk bed with lovely coconut and mint rice for the shrimp…. to something more woody and profound.

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