Paso Robles’ harvest is here! 

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite season was, without a blink, I would say “Spring”. Renewal, greenery and new beginnings. But, living in Paso Robles, our lives tend to ebb and flow with the seasons and nature.

Over the last few years, I’ve come to look forward to our harvest season.

wine grapes

Wine Grapes

Strange, I think. Fall used to mean the last blush of life among my plants, the colder weather, and a sense of settling in for grey skies and indoor activities. Not normally my favorite things.

But my reluctance to usher in Fall, is increasingly eclipsed by the high spirits of harvest. When Paso Robles’ harvest is here, it is a thrill! When you live in a community dominated by agriculture, particularly wine grapes, the anticipation for and enthusiasm of harvest is infectious. We’re all on tinder hooks waiting for the “Go” to begin harvest, and when it starts the energy is up until the very last of our harvest.

Now, talk about the huge and happy sigh of relief, collectively released when harvest ends. We are ALL happy, dead tired, and ready to spend that last bit of energy to celebrate what the earth and vines treasured us with this year.

So, as my love of the harvest season grows year after year, I feel blessed to now have 2 seasons that I call my favorite! 

I look forward to October 18-20th, 2018 as we celebrate harvest in Paso Robles.

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