Paso Robles Wine Region

Fountain at Paso Robles Winery

Fountain at Paso Robles Winery

I encourage you to discover Paso Robles Wine Region. Imagine: we actually live among the Paso Robles vines! This may not seem like much to you, but for us wine lovers … this is nothing short of an unexpected gift to us long term SLO residents. Who knew this region would produce such incredible wines? Oh – no… not us! It’s been a real awakening to fast forward 20 years to see our hills and canyons planted in vines.

But somehow it all seems to fit. Little by little, I’ve been tasting wonderful wines from the hills around our home. I’ve wondered if these “boutique wineries” could make a go of it. But, as I said, the wines are something that deserves recognition beyond our backyard. How great to hear that “Wine Enthusiast” named Paso Robles “Wine Region of the Year!”

I hope to highlight both the reds and whites that make our region special.

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