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Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
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Central Coast Food & Wine Journal

Learn about the latest food and wine happenings, as well as our recommendations for dining, wine-tasting, and relaxing.

Honeymoon Wine Tour in Paso Robles

How exciting for us to be contacted by a couple and asked to plan a honeymoon wine tour in Paso Robles!

Honeymoon wine tour in Paso Robles
Honeymoon wine tour in Paso Robles

These folks were from L.A. and just couldn’t afford the time away from their jobs for a full-fledged honeymoon. So lucky for them, a top-notch wine region was just a three hour drive from home! They found a delightfully romantic vacation rental, and a honeymoon wine tour in Paso Robles, by Central Coast Food Tours.

It’s our dream to custom craft wine and food tours for guests of Central Coast Food Tours. This being a honeymoon, the tour had to be extra-special. We picked them up at their vacation rental then drove to the Paso Robles Inn Steakhouse for appetizers and a delicious prime rib sandwich. (Above, you see our guests toasting their new life over appetizers and Castoro’s Cabernet Sauvignon) This was a lovely beginning to a wonderful day in Paso Robles.

Paso Robles Wine Tasting

A seated Paso Robles Wine Tasting at Tablas Creek is not only delicious and interesting, it’s visual delight as well.

Seated Wine Tasting in Paso Robles
Seated wine tasting in Paso Robles

Tablas Creek winery is one of our favorite wineries. It is often considered the progenitor of the Rhone wine movement in Paso Robles. Their standard tasting is along several bars with staff sharing the wine to groups of about 8. From this main room you look out into their barrel room.

While located a bit far out on the West side of Paso Robles, the winery can get busy.My work around for this is to move this Paso Robles wine tasting up a notch and opt for their “seated wine tasting”. My guests are invited into a special area of the winery where the table is set up exclusively for them. They have the option of tasting a special selection of 6 whites, 6 reds or a mix of three and three. Another bonus is a dedicated staff who eases them through their tasting. This person often sits at the table and makes him/herself available for all the many and varied questions we can conjure.

This Paso Robles wine tasting allows my guests’ access to wines not offered at the tasting bar. Sitting in on these tastings, I’ve learned so much more about Tables Creek. I’d even venture to say, it’s one of the finer Paso Robles wine tasting experiences I am able to offer my Central Coast Food Tour guests.

For more information on Central Coast wine tours visit:

For information on Tables Creek




Paso Robles Wine Harvest

Wine Grapes
Wine Grapes

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite season was, without a blink, I would say “Spring”. Renewal, greenery and new beginnings. But, living in Paso Robles, our lives tend to ebb and flow with the seasons and nature.

Over the last few years, I’ve come to look forward to our harvest season.

SLO Wine Country – Harvest on the Coast

SLO Wine Country is having their annual “Harvest on the Coast” the weekend of  November 2 – 4th, 2018!

The weekend kicks off Friday,

Harvest On The Coast Festival
Harvest Festival

November 2nd with “Crafted on the Coast” a collaborative winemaker dinner featuring Executive Chef Heidi Hornikle of Flora + Fauna Catering, hosted at the beautiful Casitas Estate in Arroyo Grande. This promises to be a delicious experience at a most beautiful location.

Paso Robles Wine – Harvest Weekend

I am a huge fan of Paso Robles wine, and my favorite event is the annual Harvest Weekend.

Paso Robles Harvest Weekend
Harvest Weekend

This year Paso Robles’ Harvest Weekend falls on the third weekend of October, October 19 -21st 2018. The perfect time of year to enjoy the mild weather and Paso Robles wine.

What’s so special about Harvest Weekend? Imagine a year of tending wine vines, the culmination of which, results in 24 hour round-the-clock work to get the fruit off the vine at the perfect time to reveal the best of the grape.

7 Tips For Successfully Pairing Wine With Chocolate

Here are 7 tips for successfully pairing wine with chocolate.

Pouring Wine

Are you an avid chocolate and wine lover? Since you are reading this article, I would assume your answer is yes. But, have you ever thought about mixing these two excellent foods? I know many people can’t even imagine this but trust me once you do mix them you will think it’s a match made in heaven.

Food Tour for Graduation!

Central Coast Food Tours When You're Hungry To Dsicover

A Food Tour for graduation is a wonderful way to celebrate the graduate! It’s always hard to find an activity that keeps the celebrating group together, and enjoying one another’s company after the diploma is bestowed. Consider a Food Tour for graduation!

We can accommodate most size family groups with enough notice and are happy to customize the tour to your group. Consider a private tour for your family through the downtown streets of San Luis Obispo, or do a food and wine tour in the downtown district of Paso Robles.

Paso Robles’ Olive oil Festival

We are excited to announce the Olive Oil Festival in Paso Robles for Saturday, May 5th, 2018. All our friends who have taken our wine and food tours know that we are passionate about our local olive oil.

Paso Robles Olive Oil
Paso Robles Olive Oil

Dare I say, there is none better to be found?! Even the traditionally robust oils of Italy, Greece, Spain and France pale in comparison to our fresh, earthy and incredibly delicious locally grown olives and it’s oil.

If you are an olive oil lover, like I am, then make a weekend out of this festival on May 5th. Come to Paso Robles, spend a few days to enjoy the festival, taste our lovely wines and enjoy or laid-back lifestyle.

Accolades for Paso Robles Wine Country

How great to see my beloved Paso Robles Wine Country getting the attention it deserves!

Paso Robles Wine Country
Paso Robles Wine Country

Just recently, three well-known authorities of travel were all in agreement: Paso Robles is the “must-see” place to be. Hint – Hint: if you have yet to discover this amazing realm of great wine, fabulous food and astounding natural beauty, now is the time!

It always surprises me when people who genuinely know and enjoy outstanding wines, are just discovering Paso Robles Wine Country. I mean, I know how great these wines are – I guess I just thought everyone else did too.

First, Paso Robles is recognized by Trip Advisor as a destination on the rise. Yes, I’d say Paso Robles has hit its stride. Read more here: Destinations on the Rise.

Second, here’s a “Shout Out: to the AAA’s travel magazine! I’ve read the magazine and it is a good source for new adventures. Nice to be included as one of  ” 8 Great Places to Visit in 2018.

Third, happiness planner and traveler, George Stone, surveyed locations across America looking at everything from healthy eating habits, to community engagement, to the satisfaction of inquisitive minds to develop his list: These Are the Happiest Cities in the United States. Access to green space, destination bikeability and premier culinary experiences all fit the mold for what he found led to happy people.

What a great way to celebrate the start of a new year: Accolades for Paso Robles Wine Country! If you’ve yet to visit or it’s been a while, come on over. San Luis Obispo County, in general, and Paso Robles, specifically, is truly a great place to delight, indulge and enjoy.


Avila Beach

We at Central Coast Food Tours have a special place in our hearts for Avila Beach.

Avila Beach
Avila Beach

The Avila Beach community has much to offer to curious tourist and especially wine lovers! Several wineries have set up tasting rooms in Avila Beach along the beach, and you’ll find other wineries on the country roads just outside of town.

The white sand beaches and sparkling blue water is a real draw to beach lovers. And those with children will enjoy the gymnastic equipment on the beach. The views are gorgeous as you look out over Avila beach and bay and view the sea.

Hungry? Then take a short walk through the town and stop in at many of the delicious restaurants. If you choose to head over to the pier, you find Fat Cats (yum) and a wharf with fresh catch unloaded daily. The Fishmongers are a great source for fresh local seafood – give it a try!

I invite you to discover this beach and all it has to offer.