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Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
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Central Coast Food & Wine Journal

Learn about the latest food and wine happenings, as well as our recommendations for dining, wine-tasting, and relaxing.

Paso Robles Wine Tasting

A seated Paso Robles Wine Tasting at Tablas Creek is not only delicious and interesting, it’s visual delight as well.

Seated Wine Tasting in Paso Robles
Seated wine tasting in Paso Robles

Tablas Creek winery is one of our favorite wineries. It is often considered the progenitor of the Rhone wine movement in Paso Robles. Their standard tasting is along several bars with staff sharing the wine to groups of about 8. From this main room you look out into their barrel room.

While located a bit far out on the West side of Paso Robles, the winery can get busy.My work around for this is to move this Paso Robles wine tasting up a notch and opt for their “seated wine tasting”. My guests are invited into a special area of the winery where the table is set up exclusively for them. They have the option of tasting a special selection of 6 whites, 6 reds or a mix of three and three. Another bonus is a dedicated staff who eases them through their tasting. This person often sits at the table and makes him/herself available for all the many and varied questions we can conjure.

This Paso Robles wine tasting allows my guests’ access to wines not offered at the tasting bar. Sitting in on these tastings, I’ve learned so much more about Tables Creek. I’d even venture to say, it’s one of the finer Paso Robles wine tasting experiences I am able to offer my Central Coast Food Tour guests.

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Private Tour at LXV Barn

Here we are in Paso Robles, and wine tasting occur in all sorts of places. On our private tours, we often enjoy a stop at the LXV Barn. We’re talking a rustic undertaking on Willow Creek Road in Templeton. The barn is over 100 years old with rose vines growing through cracks in the barn opening. The owners are Neeta and Kunal Mittal – a wonderfully warm and storied couple.

Try Our Private Wine Tour!

Private Wine Tours From Central Coast Food Tours

I encourage the higher tier of food and wine lovers to try our private wine tour! By higher tier, I mean those folks for whom exquisite food and wine are a hallowed experience. You know, the people who live to experience verses those who live to merely exist.

We are so very fortunate to work with our Chef, Mary Ann, who is able to concoct most anything that will best serve your culinary dreams. Mary Ann worked for years in the L.A. Area catering to friends and corporate clients alike. Though presumably retiring to the Paso Robles area to be close to her daughter (Me!) she is now doing catering for our private wine tours.