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Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
Paso Robles Rolling Hills And Colorful Autumn Colors
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Central Coast Food & Wine Journal

Learn about the latest food and wine happenings, as well as our recommendations for dining, wine-tasting, and relaxing.

Try Our Private Wine Tour!

Private Wine Tours From Central Coast Food Tours

I encourage the higher tier of food and wine lovers to try our private wine tour! By higher tier, I mean those folks for whom exquisite food and wine are a hallowed experience. You know, the people who live to experience verses those who live to merely exist.

We are so very fortunate to work with our Chef, Mary Ann, who is able to concoct most anything that will best serve your culinary dreams. Mary Ann worked for years in the L.A. Area catering to friends and corporate clients alike. Though presumably retiring to the Paso Robles area to be close to her daughter (Me!) she is now doing catering for our private wine tours.

I am on most of these tours and I am amazed at her wonderful creations. I’m an addict of her cold steak salad with marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts. Her cold salmon salad with avocado and spring herbs is also incredible. While she has the recipe for my all time favorite salad of red lentils, I can’t deny that desserts are her speciality.

Mom has a gift for desserts. Birthday tours are an especially fun function for her. Everything from carrot cakes to fresh fruit meringue is her muse. We love to make a special lunch with the dessert being the capstone.

All this about food – but let’s not forget the wine component of our tours. We know the wines of Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo and depend upon our knowledge of the areas to create a tour worthy of your dreams. Let me know what you want, what wines you love, what experiences you seek, and I will make it happen!

E-mail me or call and let me create a most special experience for you in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles Wine Country.