Wine and Chocolates?

What do you think about pairing wine and chocolates?

broken earth chocolate pairing

We’ve recently discovered a winery that makes a specialty out of pairing chocolates uniquely crafted to their wines. Interested? Heck yes – I was! But, call me a chocolate lover. I must say, I even convinced Yule to give this pairing a try.

Yule’s friend is a tasting room associate at Broken Earth, a winery on the East side of Paso Robles. He encouraged us to visit Broken Earth and try their wines, cheese plate and chocolate pairing. On a day off, we did just so and found a winery we had little known. From 20 years ago this was the turf of Arciero Winery, with the high gloss spectacle of his Italian racing cars. Things have changed and Broken Earth is making a go of it. They offer a dynamite cheese plate for $12 and a nice little cafe offering salads, sandwiches and Australian Pot Pies. On Saturday’s they bring in the music for their guests to enjoy the ultimate comfort of Wine, Music and Food.

Wines are a value buy, up to their reserves. I took home a Petite Syrah and enjoyed it thoroughly – a new value wine or me! 

But, hey….Let’s not forget the chocolates. First off, the chocolates were amazing and I liked the way tasting room staff paired each wine with a chocolate – even with the white wines. By the way, staff at the winery were excellent. Helpful in conveying information about their wines, but also useful in finding out what you enjoy and guiding you in that direction.

I think a stop at Broken Earth is worth a stop for a Saturday of music, wine and food. In our hot Paso Summers, their is shade and plenty of seating. And if you are looking for some bargain wine buys, check out their tasting list. I always consider it a find when I can find a good wine for under $20.





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