• Historic Haunted Paso Robles Inn

    Haunted Paso Robles Inn

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    Haunted Hotel Dinner Tour

  • Dinner at Haunted Paso Robles Inn

    Haunted Hotel Dinner

  • Haunted Paso Robles Inn

    Haunted Hotel Dinner

Haunted Hotel Dinner Tour

Join us for a rousing good time as we offer an evening of spine-tingling stories and deliciously fine fare as we explore tales from the past and present at the Haunted Paso Robles Inn!

In homage to the town of Paso Robles' 125th anniversary celebration, we've dredged up the lively history of this little town to share some of the more interesting tales of it's past. Not surprisingly, it all begins on the grounds of the Historic Paso Robles Inn.

From 1864 as the busy stagecoach stop, to the 1891 hostelry for the rich and famous, to its current incarnation as the Paso Robles Inn, you'll learn all about the Inn's history and its hauntings, view their scrapbooks and photo albums, and touch real artifacts unearthed when the 1942 Inn was built.

Among all this fun, you'll be hosted at a special dinner just for tour guests at the Inn's noted Steakhouse. What's for dinner? Bloody good prime rib, of coarse! You'll enjoy this specially hosted full-service dinner along with 2 glasses of local Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon.

After dinner, we'll walk the grounds, viewing sites of recurring hauntings and visit "the most haunted building" on the hotel grounds. Whether you believe in ghosts of not, you'll find your evening filled with humor, interesting stories and decidedly delicious food and wine!

You'll enjoy:

  • An interesting overview on Paso Robles' history and the role the Inn played in the formation of the town.
  • Stories of the area hauntings, as well as those specific to the Paso Robles Inn.
  • A guided walk through the hotel grounds and into the "most haunted" building on the grounds.
  • Ghosts 101: a fun introduction to what modern day ghosthunters think and believe about this paranormal phenomenon.
  • A deliciously sunptuous full service dinner of the Inn's famous Prime Rib, with 2 classes of wine.
  • Insider access to the Inn's scrapbooks, photo albums and select items unearthed during the building of the Inn in 1942.
  • A guided stroll downtown to end your evening with coffee/tea and dessert.
  • Dinner, tour and dessert is $109p/person.

Please note this tour is only offered seasonally during October.

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