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Downtown Paso Robles Food, Wine & Walking Tour

Discover Paso Robles food and wine as the new culinary frontier where food, wine and history come together to create a most delicious experience. Paso Robles has emerged as a world class food and wine region with a culture and cuisine uniquely their own. Discover this hidden treasure now!

Surrounded by vineyards, olive orchards and family farms, the historic downtown square of Paso Robles is a magnet for creative chefs displaying the independence, resourcefulness and individuality of the original settlers back in 1887. Taste our local, fresh, handcrafted artisanal foods that inspire local chefs to innovate on plates from the practical to the sublime.

You’ll Enjoy and Discover:

  • A stroll of Downtown Paso Robles to feed your passion for unique food and stellar wines
  • Chefs pair their food with local Paso Robles wines at 2 of our 5 tasting stops - discover what a wonderfully paired food and wine tastes like! And, learn about pairing your own food with wine.
  • Absolutely delicious and delightful cuisine from the talented and eclectic chefs of Paso Robles Wine Country.
  • Fresh “farm-to-table” cuisine straight off the farm - utterly fresh, organic and creatively crafted.
  • Additionally, we'll stop at a premium Paso Robles tasting room to sample several more wines from the region.
  • Insider access to Paso Robles and all its varied treasures and riches as only a local can share.
  • Understand our town's story to learn why Paso Robles is truly a special place: Amazing stories of this town’s history and heritage - from the struggles of the pioneer farm families to the antics of outlaw Jesse James.
  • Tours start at 11:00 a.m. Check our schedule for days of operation. Please consider enjoying our Paso Robles Food and Vineyard Driving Tour for a combination food and vineyard wine tour or our Downtown San Luis Obispo Food Tour (a short 25 mile drive) if this tour is unavailable.
  • This tour is a great value at $78 p/person!
  • Please call 805.400.9054 to request a special group tour.

This town has a history yearning to be told and what better way to experience it – than through it’s latest harvest of it’s wonderful food and wines! Be forewarned: You will leave this tour with your heart full of love for this little town and your belly overflowing with great food and wine!