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Central Coast Wine Tours

Did you know a Paso Robles wine won Wine Spectator's "Wine of the Year" in 2010, and the area was recently named the West Coast's "most exciting wine region" by Sunset Magazine?

There is much to discover here. We truly love and know the wines of the Central Coast, as well as the many hard working folks behind the scenes who create these wonders. We think the stories behind the wines, (why someone followed their passion into winemaking… why a specific type of vine or varietal was chosen for cultivation… why a particular piece of land consistently turns out unusually fine grapes…) are just as interesting of a discovery as our luscious Paso Robles' wines themselves..

If you seek to approach your wine experience with a sense of childish adventure, enthusiasm and delight coupled with an adult’s appreciation for fine palate experiences, you may just have found your partner in wine & food touring.