Anthony Bourdin

What can anyone possibly say about Anthony Bourdin’s death. 

He was a light amongst all us foodies, and dared to go into the quarters that no one else had. We know he was a tormented soul, having overcome heroine addiction in his 20’s and cocaine, amongst other addictions. God, this man had so much to offer the rest of us.

Not gaining fame until his forties, he had 20 years of crafting his much beloved series of traveling the world and introducing us to all the things We Didn’t Know. I actually went to Seoul, South Korea and took the same food tastings he experienced while visiting. AMAZING!

Truth be told, Tony got me out of my rut and sent me on an adventure I would have never imagined. I’m in Korea.

I’m so very sad that Tony’s depression overcame him. It’s a struggle many of us make.

The world will not be the same without this most beloved and eccentric character.

Rest in Peace, dear Tony.



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